Where Was I 10 Years Ago And Where Am I Now…

Ten years ago I was in a state of dysfunction and abusive behaviour in my life.

All I wanted to do was drink alcohol and smoke drugs in my days of confusion.

All the while wondering what life could be like if I had my wife back with me as if nothing happen between us all those years before.

We were divorced four years before that means fourteen years ago now.

My wife and child tried to come to Canada, but I was drunk and confused to remember when they were even coming. They came to the airport then they spent 24 hrs in the airport jail then got sent back to japan in shame all the while I never even knew they had come to see me at all. What a fool I was right!!!

That wasn’t even the half of what I did to my family!! If you want to know the whole story well you know what to do just start talking to me.

I will tell how I changed my life.

We got remarried togethere and have a successful transformational healing business together helping people just like us.

Healing there toxic relationship in a unbelievable and creative method that has transformed over 300 hundred couples in there lives today!!

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