How to stop your abusive behaviour

Change your life with our intensive program 

We offer a different type of relationship healing program. Traditional relationship sessions are often ineffective because it focuses ONLY on the relationship and NOT on the individuals in the relationship. A successful relationship requires a healthy soul, of the individuals. Before any relationship issues can be resolved, individual issues must be addressed. In Our Self-Awareness relationship healing program, we focus first on clearing your individual issues from your past, then look at any remaining relationship issues that you may have. This unique and effective approach puts your relationship solidly on a healthy, intimate, equal, growth-producing path. We provide more results than traditional couples program does — in a shorter amount of time.

Program Benefits:

  • Clear away hurts, resentments and self-defeating patterns (from your individual pasts and your shared relationship) that get in the way of you connecting with your partner. 
  • Learn healthy ways of being close and communicating as you create a clean slate from which to build an intimate, equal, growth-producing, healthy relationship. 
  • Get clear on your relationship. During the sessions, you may fall in love with each other in possibly a more profound way than when you first met (this happens often in our sessions) OR you may realize you are in the relationship for the wrong reasons. 
  • The expert will support you in doing everything possible to see that your relationship will be fixed – you will be able to move on in a healthy, responsible ways within your relationship.

Tomoko and I will walk you through our creative life transformation systems step by step.Our relationship healing & mentoring program we will guide your life to were you will feel in-peace within yourself…

… and more…



Until Next Time… Allow your life to be more!


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