Why didn’t you tell someone about your abusive relationship? Who do you tell!

What we think is what we are in life don’t lie to yourself about it or hide from the truth that is right in front of your eyes

There is thoughts that begin from when we are growing up from the ages 2-5 years old. We have been taught by our parents how to act and how to feel in life.

(Consious mind)

When we look back as we were growing up how our parents treat each other and how they looked upon people in society, we are doing exactly the same things as they did monkey see monkey do.

If your parents said we don’t have enough money, that means you will think you can’t make enough money unless you change the way you think about money.


If your parents were mad and upset in there life all the time when you were growing up and showed you with angry feelings through out your childhood.

Put into Your… (Subconscious)

Monkey see monkey do “it’s commonsense you would think” well we were told to think that way. (conscious mind)

We don’t want to think that way because we are living in a world that is to stubborn and pig headed to think any other way.

We can change the way we think in our lives for the better!!

We can be more than we were!!

Thank You Life 101 has some “KEYS” that will open up your mind door to new possibilities.