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• What if I told you that everyone is entitled to be happy in there relationships with there wife, husband & children etc.

• What if I told you years ago that I would never be happy in my life?

• Would you believe that statement to be true if you meet me now?

• Well I didn’t see myself back then truly and literally happy within my life!!

• What I can tell you is that we all can create happiness within our relationships!

• Growing up I was always punishing myself with negativity in my life over and over again.

• My parents would say to me it’s someone else fault!

• With these thoughts I would blame my misfortune on other people in my life.

• So I really started to believe this as truth!

• As I was growing up I started to get mad at people that were hurting me.

• Was this the solution?

• Absolutely NOT!!

• I have told this story over and over in my head for years in the past!

• Over the past 4 years, I found something amazing that has changed my life!

• I would love to share this with you, if I may!

• How I have fixed my toxic relationships in my life…




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