Check Your Feeling At The Door Before You Get Hurt! (Self-Love Podcast)

Check Your Feeling At The Door Before You Get Hurt! (Self-Love Podcast)
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Check Your Feeling At The Door Before You Get Hurt!

I would love to tell you little story about how I hurt myself with other people’s words. Every time someone would say a negative word towards me, I would react with a sad or angry look on my face, like was upset at that person. But the real reason was I had pain in my heart about my inner thoughts that affected my feelings. Why was this so painful to me, because a past feeling came barreling inside me like a race horse running down the track. I thought to myself why do need to feel this way all the time. Until I figured out that my thoughts directed my feeling that someone was showing me. Was this the real path towards happiness or was I dreaming up the truth of pure bliss.

A few years ago I found a solution that moved my thoughts to a different way of thinking, for most people this impossible to feel or act this way, but tell you the truth I may have found the secret to happiness…

One thought became another and another and all of a sudden the pain started to disappear. I thought can it be, will this idea change my life. Well it has moved me to a new level that is for sure. I truly believe we all can be happy no matter what, but it takes a breakthrough to success to push ones mind to the next level of happiness.

If you think you can push yourself to the next level then let go of all your fears and come on a journey with to pure happiness. I can’t do it for you, but we can guide you to path that you are looking for.

This is a path that can change your life forever.

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