“How We Became Happy” The True Life Path With Tomoko & Stefan The ultimate answer to every question is Love, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, and Gratitude, for yourself, for everyone, for everything.

Former Morahara victim · Tomoko Ota who lives in Canada!

A Canadian man who got married internally marries to Moral harassment!
Immediately after international divorce, divorce & single mother life, arrested accommodation and compulsory repatriation, after having remarried with the same man again, accused the DV shelter with his son. Afterwards, after experiencing near-death, he began to walk towards the couple’s rebirth, and former Morahara Canadian husband has always turned into the best understander with a smile.

And now, I do counselling and seminars for people who are suffering from a marital relationship such as spiritual DV, economic DV, verbal abuse etc, which are not normally conversational, and always forced to see the partner’s complexion.
We are offering five step programs online to help Japanese families around the world suffer from Moral harassment DV couple relationships, to help them heal their lives from DV couple relationship.









The Real Truth About How Teens Can Find Marijuana On Top Of A Mountain – My Life Moment In 1983 Real Or Fiction…

I am going back to where I was fourteen years old 1983, full of marijuana in my lungs and my head filled with dreams. I remember one summer my father and his friends took myself and brother on a canoe camping trip in the Rocky Mountains. Just imagine my pockets were full of smokes my eyes were waiting to get red as an apple. But unfortunately I had no opportunity to light up a joint. I couldn’t escape the clutches of my fathers eyes. Until my dad was to sour to go on a hike that we had planed to go on, but our family friend had offered to guide us up this beautiful mountain over 2000 meters high yes all day hike, away from the man that couldn’t understand who I was. My brother and I were on a mission to race our way up to the peak, we were wondering what was on top. I remember as we approached to peak my heart was pounding with so much enthusiasm, we couldn’t believe our eyes. There was ice on top in the middle of summer but it was one the most amazing sites that I ever have witnessed in my entire life. All I could see was mountains for at least 100 KM away. The sun was shinning upon our faces. But wait the best was about to be unfolded, we had stumbled on a metal box with a note inside stating enjoy the wonders in the little surprise. We found what I was hopping for a marijuana joint with some matches inside a sealed case. Yes you can find drugs anywhere on this planet. So if you think that your teen can’t find drugs think again, they will find it when they wanted it. I truly believe with understanding your teen and talk with your kids with care in your heart you can be so much as parent. My father didn’t care about my feelings or thoughts. All he cared about was himself and how to control my life, he forgot how or didn’t even know how to be a parent.

As a parent myself, I can truly believe that being a parent is a life time commitment.

If you want to create communication with your teenager just let me know, we can have an amazing conversation on the phone. I would love to talk with you about some the thing that may have come up in your relationships with your own teens.

Phone # Stefan Neff 778-551-0419

Talk soon…