When Love Damages Your Heart

A Heart Will Be Healed When You Give Love To Yourself

Living for the moment Of Love:

Are you struggling with love in your relationships, well your not alone in this world. So many of our clients were holding onto pains in there lives until they went through our five step process that allowed for a clear path to clarity.

My question to you is are you feeling stuck in box all alone and wondering is there more to be found in your relationships. We can go on a journey of love and true passion together to find what maybe missing in your life.

Thank You Life 101
Thank You Life 101

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How To Stop Living In A Toxic Relationship Before Your Head Explodes With The Pains Of What You Truly Want In Life “From A Childs Mind”!!

Why Do My Parents Fight All The Time?

I woke up many mornings with my parents fighting between my ears!

As I grew up with voices telling me that we are just discussing money we are not mad at each other.

Well this felt like they where always mad at one another, with the angry words they used towards the facts around “money” but I didn’t hear the word money spoken in there conversations.

This was very confussing to me as a 6 year old it felt like they were not telling me the real truth.

Why did my parents lie to me?________

To hide the real truth because they were in pain in there lives.

What I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me, well I knew about the pains they were in, it was so obvious to see for my own eyes.

This was more painful to me to have them lie to my face.

Later in my life it seemed to be easy to lie to people about telling them the real truth that was in my mind.

How did create a new way of thinking to change those habits that were in me as an adult now?

I started on a journey in my life that gave me a new lease on life that change my life forever!!!




Living in an internment camp called marriage behind bars to…

What is it like when one lives in a jail cell with no bars but has a husband that is a prison guard?

Do you feel like your living behind bars in your own house?

Are you stuck feeling alone in this world where no one understands your pain?

Can you run away from your jail cell called prison of an abusive marriage?

These signs are your feelings of pain in your life that you are running away from.

How would you fixes these feelings in your life that keep on reoccurring time and time again.

These are deep pains that are keeping you from knowing how to forgive yourself for living the truth that you already know.

There is only “YOU” in your thoughts no one eles that can change you.

What is stopping you from feeling happiness in your life today?