Looking Through Stained Covered Glasses Within My Life…

What Did I You See When There Was Mud In My Eyes?

Imagine every day wearing glasses covered with pain stains all over your life?

That was my life every day looking at the world not knowing what to do and nowhere to run!

I was looking for answers that I didn’t know, and had “NO” clue where to find the question for my life’s Problems!

I am still looking for all the answers today in my life!!

As I look back at my life, I wish there was someone who really understood my problems that were creating my pains going on in my life at that time when I needed it the most!

My parents didn’t know how to make it all better, I didn’t know so how would they really help me if they were in pain themselves!

I thought my parents didn’t care about my true feeling within my heart!

This was so confusing to my little heart that was grasping upon the slim hope of true happiness in my life as a child!

Now I am in my 40’s and I am still searching for true happiness within my life!

Happiness is starting to come to my life today with every step I take towards understanding who I am!!!