Listen T0 Your Thoughts That Are Bundled Up Inside…

As Children We Have Dreams Of Massive Proportions Built Up Within Our Mind!!

When we were little kids we had dreams of being astronauts, doctors & leaders of nations.

What happened to those dreams that we had?

They are still there, waiting to come out.

The feelings are in the back of our minds always wanting to come out, but we are program to push them back and back farther away from reality!

Why is it that when we grow up we send those  messages of our dream to our unconscious mind?

We have programmed our mind to submit to society and to be productive humans and “MAKE MONEY TO SURVIVE” On this planet!!



INFLUENCES – Parents,Friends,Bosses ect.

Thoughts – What we are thinking inside.

Feelings – What we are feeling inside.

Actions – What do in our life.

Results – What is our outcome from all the above!!

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Thank You Life 101