Inside the mind of a moral harassment husband 2003

Inside the mind of a moral harassment husband

While it became increasingly difficult for him to make anymore excuses he stopped Communication to them for the next year until February 2003

She soon contacted him for some important paper work so she could apply for there sons Canadian citizenship.
He said to her I don’t trust the mail System how do I send it, she said by parcel he said how much does that cost. He finally agreed to send his birth certificate to her with hesitation and defiance. She had to him in there next Conversation was if he could send money to them so they could come to Canada. He said ok to her when he got his tax return money. So when he did send her the money she told him thank you. Soon to come his son want to talk to his daddy on the computer via Skype, they started soon after with regularity once a week. Then a month went by then it was when he was not so tired as he says but he still was drinking to much right after work, and his friend the beer bottle was more important to him. As time was coming closer for his then still wife and son to come to Canada. He was becoming more excited to see his son he felt like maybe there was a chance for them to Connect there relationship back on track.
Every time they talked on Skype he wanted to talk to her as well as his son but she did not respond only with a fake smile. But he still tried so hard to make her laugh that he loved so much. Time was ticking down to there arrival in October he couldn’t wait for them to come, he was acting like young schoolboy In love for the first time.
The day was upon him October 31st 2003.

This is the truth from inside the mind of a moral harassment husband.

By Stefan Neff