Inside the mind of a moral harassment husband 2001

Inside the mind of a moral harassment husband.

In a time of sadness and despair there was a man who wanted to be a king, but he acted like a villain. Dressed in all black of darkness and live in a place where his heart was cold at a time that was supposed to be bright as sunshine in his life as he was married with a baby boy in his life in 2001. His thoughts were fictitious towards his wife that wasn’t living in the same country he felt betrayed by her, they were married but not living together with the a child without a father. He was so angry with her he had asked her why. She was so angry towards him she Hated him with all that was within her minds thoughts. When his son was a two months old, he decided to go to them where they lived in Japan, after think how can he manipulate them so they would feel sorry for him and come to his home in Canada. He was a very coldhearted manipulator making her feel that it was all her fault that was his plan, he told her that he was trying so hard. He said I came to Japan for you isn’t that enough to prove my love and honesty he told her that he would go as far as saying he would live in Japan to make her think that what he was saying was the truth. But that wasn’t true he just wanted to control her life and start up the relationship again because he didn’t want to feel ashamed and that he was a failure in his life.
As there time together was going according to his plan he said he would change his life around, stop drinking to much stop smoking. But that was a lie to stop her from being so controlling towards him. Time had past maybe about a week when he could stand the fact that he couldn’t drink smoke anymore, he said to her that he wanted to go back to Canada to make his plan come true to move to Japan like he said, but that was an act to escape reality because he couldn’t control her anymore so left two weeks earlier than planned.

That is the truth from inside a moral harassment husband.

By Stefan Neff