Inside The Mind Of A Moral Harassment Husband 2001

Inside the mind of a moral harassment husband

He couldn’t control her anymore so left two weeks earlier than planned.

When he got back to his home in Canada, he felt relieved that he was away from the darkness that he was in over in Japan. The first thing he did was start smoking and drinking again to help forget the pain that he felt, from the failure of his life, there was real sadness and disparity within his mind. He wanted people to leave him alone. His best friend was inside a bottle of beer. As time had past his wife was phoning him wondering when he was going to come back to Japan, he would lie every time and say soon. After two months had past she said to him you are not coming right with anger in her voice, he replied in a strong tone no I am not. He said to her I don’t have anymore money to buy a ticket until next winter, that was a lie he wasn’t planning on ever going back to Japan. In the next few months to come she kept on asking him to send money to her for baby stuff. He say ok soon I will I will with a angry tone in his voice and that was also a lie he never sent anything to them only promises that he didn’t keep. While it became increasingly difficult for him to make anymore excuses he stopped answering the phone from her and all Communication to them for the next year until February 2003.

This is the truth from inside the mind of a moral harassment husband.

By Stefan Neff