Am I an abusive father & husband?



I believe that abusive people know that they are abusers in there conscious mind.

When I wanted to hurt someone who I loved, I would say mean words to them or ignore them, when I didn’t get my way.

I am always learning about myself, for example I would imagine how I would act towards people or how mean I was.

I wanted to control my family that means I wanted to control people that where in front of me.
I believe that seeing yourself is the start of knowing who your true self is, that is my belief in my life now.
When you want to find yourself it will find you when you are “NOT” looking for it, that is my belief.

The fact is when you want to find the answer to your abusive behaviour is the key to allowing the answer to be you.

In our subconscious mind we are all kind and a loving people that is my belief.

“We all can think about who we are and how we want to be treated in life”