How to throw out your abusive partner…

The hard way to get rid of your abusive partner is…

1. Change the locks on the door!

2. Call the police and let them deal with it!

3. Get your family involved in the situation!

4. Call a lawyer for advise!

5. Stop talking to your partner!

These are just some of the hard ways to get rid of a abusive partner. 

The most simplest way to get out is…

1. Open your door to the possibilities of love that is within your heart.

2. Work with a expert about your situations in your life.

3. Talk to your partner about your feelings that are creating your pains within.

4. Ask yourself why are these pains deep within me.

5. Love yourself with words deep within.

The thoughts that are around us are creating the situations in front of us and moving them towards the future and beyond.

Start caring for yourself and say (I LOVE YOU) To yourself!!


Stefan Neff

Thank You Life 101