How do we deal with the feelings of abuse in our lives…

Why do we plug our ears and do nothing about our abusive partner? 

The reaction of fear from abuse is a defensive mechanism built into our internal make up. Why?

The fear of being alone is a strong thought that is within our mind! Why?

This is often the seasons why we do nothing about the situation that is in front of us! Why?

The abusive partner wants you to feel fear, because “He or She” is afraid of loosing the control over his or her partner! Why is this?

Humans are driven by the feelings of fear in this world!

The Six Basic Fears 

1. Fear of Poverty

2. Fear of Criticism

3. Fear of ill Health

4. Fear of Lose of Love 

5. Fear of Old Age

6. Fear of Death

These fears are holding us back from true happiness in our lives, around the world today!

We are starting to create a new thought provoking change about fears that has shifted the human species “NOW”!!

We all can bring awareness to the world with love and compassion to our lives starting today!!