Deep Core Values Within Your Relationship Today

As I sit at my kitchen table thinking about life and relationships from the past asking myself, where my core values in place to what my life is now.

Well I can tell you that I had little to no core values when I was in my first relationship.

I looked upon myself as a king of the house hold 20 years ago. I was more like a rooster in a chicken coop all feathers no substance.

I will say this once my girl friend left me there was no true understanding why this happened only that it was her fault not mine.

That was my core values at that time, hurt someone eles before they hurt me.

This got me nowhere in life but a empty house with no relationship only looking into the mirror at a broken man.

Tweenty years later my life has changed with a new outlook on life to where I feel more loving feelings towards people “means myself”!!

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