What is the truth about harassment in a relationship

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When Is it time to get out or RUN AWAY from your abusive relationship

There is no good time to run away from your life’s pains that are holding within yourself. To see ones inner pains that are showing up in your life time to time or is a reoccurring thought that doesn’t go away. Take those past thoughts that have been bottled up and release them from your subconscious mind, and move towards a happier moment that will be your future.

Life is a self understanding of your thoughts today to be your tomorrow.

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Life Path With Tomoko & Stefan

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I’m just so passionate about helping individuals around relationships making a big difference in people’s lives doing what I love…. And yes, that includes your relationship…

Life Path With Tomoko Ota & Stefan Neff Living In The Truth About Our Life.

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How To Fix Your Abusive Relationship In Less Than (90 Days) Using Your…

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 Twenty years ago I thought my life was “OK” well it wasn’t ok with my wife.

I was an abusive husband towards my wife and to people all around me, I was mean for so many years, until I found the solution to my problem.

I didn’t know how to be truly happy with myself.

Twenty years later what change my thought about who I am inside?

I am learning every single day of my life to understand who I am and how to improve my life for the future.

There is lots to learn in life, this I now know. To become truly happy in life is a thought that I want to share with you.

What I understand is the feelings I had from when I was child is creating my reality now. These thoughts are stored in my subconscious mind ready to be shiped into my reality…

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