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How it all began

Since I was a little child I wondered whether there was more to life than just breathing in oxygen, eating food to survive and basically just existing from day to day.

I grew up in a household seeing my parents looking at life like a glass half empty instead of being full of love and joy.

Happiness for me was when I looked into my parents eyes, but I could never tell if it was happiness that was looking back at me.

As a child I loved making fires in our beautiful open fireplace, just staring at the flames as they moved so eloquently between the wood. It carried a wonderful heat towards my face and I loved the feel of that. But on this one day, I was in my parent’s room playing with matches since they had company in the living room. I started a fire on top of their mattress accidentally. In a panic I ran down to the living room and sat quietly on the floor. “ I smell smoke!” my Dad said.

They ran into the bedroom and saw Dad pulling the mattress out the window. I watch with a puzzled look on my face. “Did I just do that?”

Written By Stefan Neff


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SMART Recovery


Visit Welcome to SMART Recovery. This brief audio presentation can help you decide whether SMART Recovery is for you. It starts by describing our program of recovery, and finish by describing our organization.  SMART Recovery helps individuals abstain from any substance or activity addiction. You are welcome to participate in our discussions about abstinence even if you are undecided about whether to abstain.

We teach ideas and techniques that address four points:

1) building and maintaining motivation,

2) coping with urges,

3) managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and

4) living a balanced life.

We call these four points the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program.  We support individuals who want an active and direct approach to change. We call our approach self-empowering. We teach how to be self-reliant. You already know what you need to do. We show you ways to do it. In addition to helping you gain independence from addictive behaviour, we’ll help you improve your entire life.  Some of our participants rely solely on SMART Recovery. Some combine SMART Recovery with other approaches. There are as many paths to recovery as there are individuals. You are welcome to participate with us as long as it is helpful.

The SMART Recovery program is science-based and evolves as the science evolves. We support the appropriate use of psychiatric and addiction medications. Whether to believe in god or a higher power, or to believe addiction is a disease, are questions left up to you, and not part of our program.

There are four ways to participate in SMART Recovery:

1) read our website,

2) read our publications,

3) participate on our website, which offers online meetings, a message board, and 24/7 chat, and,

4) participate in face to face meetings, if there are meetings in your area, or start your own.

Many of our participants use a combination of these approaches. Our meetings are collaborative discussions in which the SMART Recovery tools for recovery are taught and explored.  That’s the SMART Recovery program. What about the organization? SMART Recovery, founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization operated almost entirely by volunteers. We are a collaborative effort between professionals and non-professionals, some in recovery, some not. We want to make a self-empowering approach widely available. We welcome you to join our worldwide community as a participant, a volunteer, or both.  We sell our publications, but other services are free. We pass the hat for donations. Donations are tax-deductible and a primary source of our income. We’ve also had funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the US government.

SMART Recovery: Self-management and Recovery training.   

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Alcoholism Addiction Can Be Curd – Failure Leads To Success


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