Tired of sitting on the fence in regret?

What Would The Cost Be For Happiness In Your Life?

Is fear and doubt keeping you from making a change, moving towards a more fulfilling life?  Have you always wanted to travel or have a more meaningful relationships, write that novel, start that business?  What could it cost you to stay in doubt and not move forward on your path of pure happiness?  The Shape Your Life into Reality Revitalization program moves you towards more clarity on a new or existing dream.   Uncover the mindset paradigm shifts that removes obstacles from your life and get a shorter faster glimpse at the path to clear clarity.   Inspire opportunities and possibilities that can create life changing action. f you are ready to make a change for the better and start moving towards a more fulfilling life, then this is the program for you. It takes one thing to get on track? COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF!!

Thank You Life 101 Session

One On One Happiness 1hr Session

In this 1hr session we will dive right in and deal with past situations that may have be stopping you from living the life that you always wanted and dreamed of, the goal is to create your inner happiness and maximizing your true potential. Our goal is for your dreams to come true within your life. You will never be the same again after you create the abundant life that you desire.


Your Teens Are Hiding The Real Truth!!! Parents Lives Are Falling Apart With Every Breath We Take…

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Feel amazing and create the happiness as a unstoppable parent.

Your teen needs love…

Parenting Online course
Thank You Life 101

Does your teen feel alone…

Thank You Life 101
Thank You Life 101

The question is, do you feel alone as parents.

Parenting Mastery 101 online Course
Thank You Life 101 Online course

Do you feel anxious when your teen leave the house and comes home when you are sleeping?


Thank You Life 101 Online Course
Parenting Mastery Online Course

Thank You Life 101 Monthly Sessions


Thank You Life 101 Sessions You can be billed up to $500.00 CAD

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Does Extreme Discipline Help Shape Our Children Future Or Does It Make Them Afraid Of The Dark???

Does Extreme Discipline Help Shape Our Children Future Or Does It Make Them Afraid Of The Dark???
Social Family Culture

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Does Extreme Discipline Help Shape Our Children Future Or Does It Make Them Afraid Of The Dark???

As a child I loved making fires in our beautiful open fireplace, just staring at the flames as they moved so eloquently between the wood that carried heat towards my face, but on this one day, remembering I was in my parents room playing with matches as they had company in the living room. I started a fire on top of there mattress with a panic in my mind I ran down to the living room and sat quietly on the floor. I remember my parents saying I smell smoke, they ran into there bedroom, I remember my dad pulling the mattress out the window as I watch with a puzzled look on my face like did I just do that. Now time for the truth, my father was so mad at me he pulled his belt from his waist and belted my until I was screaming NO, NO more. The look on his face was so powerful that I thought my time on this planet had just ended.

Did this harm my confidence or make me stronger, well it made me cold and disconnected from my parents.

I truly believe that care and pure love towards your children, is the key to their abundance towards the future that will shape their lives to come…

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