Alcoholism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


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“How We Became Happy” The True Life Path With Tomoko & Stefan The ultimate answer to every question is Love, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, and Gratitude, for yourself, for everyone, for everything.

Former Morahara victim · Tomoko Ota who lives in Canada!

A Canadian man who got married internally marries to Moral harassment!
Immediately after international divorce, divorce & single mother life, arrested accommodation and compulsory repatriation, after having remarried with the same man again, accused the DV shelter with his son. Afterwards, after experiencing near-death, he began to walk towards the couple’s rebirth, and former Morahara Canadian husband has always turned into the best understander with a smile.

And now, I do counselling and seminars for people who are suffering from a marital relationship such as spiritual DV, economic DV, verbal abuse etc, which are not normally conversational, and always forced to see the partner’s complexion.
We are offering five step programs online to help Japanese families around the world suffer from Moral harassment DV couple relationships, to help them heal their lives from DV couple relationship.







Living in an internment camp called marriage behind bars to…

What is it like when one lives in a jail cell with no bars but has a husband that is a prison guard?

Do you feel like your living behind bars in your own house?

Are you stuck feeling alone in this world where no one understands your pain?

Can you run away from your jail cell called prison of an abusive marriage?

These signs are your feelings of pain in your life that you are running away from.

How would you fixes these feelings in your life that keep on reoccurring time and time again.

These are deep pains that are keeping you from knowing how to forgive yourself for living the truth that you already know.

There is only “YOU” in your thoughts no one eles that can change you.

What is stopping you from feeling happiness in your life today?