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Chapter 1 From Zero To Hero

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How it all began

Since I was a little child I wondered whether there was more to life than just breathing in oxygen, eating food to survive and basically just existing from day to day.

I grew up in a household seeing my parents looking at life like a glass half empty instead of being full of love and joy.

Happiness for me was when I looked into my parents eyes, but I could never tell if it was happiness that was looking back at me.

As a child I loved making fires in our beautiful open fireplace, just staring at the flames as they moved so eloquently between the wood. It carried a wonderful heat towards my face and I loved the feel of that. But on this one day, I was in my parent’s room playing with matches since they had company in the living room. I started a fire on top of their mattress accidentally. In a panic I ran down to the living room and sat quietly on the floor. “ I smell smoke!” my Dad said.

They ran into the bedroom and saw Dad pulling the mattress out the window. I watch with a puzzled look on my face. “Did I just do that?”

Written By Stefan Neff


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