Are You closing the door behind you and never looking back at what could have been!!!

“At last we meet””For this will be forever”!

attachment-1-28 What door is your entrance to happiness?

Our lives are filled with doorways into were we are going in life. What can we learn from our relationships that are closed from our partner that we can unlock. I was keeping my door locked at all times because I was afraid to let my partner into my mind and heart. This was creating my pains in my life for many years.

2What road are we on in our relationship?

Where does it say in the book of relationships that people are on a lonely road when we they are lost without words. I was lost in my life for so many years wondering if my relationship would ever be happy. There where times when I wanted to give up and walk away down the lonly road of unhappiness. I learned that talking to my partner and understanding what was creating my pain in my life.

136There is happiness in your future with truth.

See yourself holding hands with your partner forever. The energy that comes from within, is yours to hold. The vibrations that runs through your mind allows your relationship to grow with every passing day. The time is now. Hold yourself open to the possibilities of truth within the universe that comes within your thoughts.



Where Do you Get Off By Saying To Me You Are ____ Man To My Children…

24 Are you waiting for your love to grow beyond expectation to what you are receiving in life.

41 Was this you as a baby happy and joyful of the worlds beauty?

71Why then do we feel like we are trapped in a corner waiting for someone to save us from verbal & emotional abuse?

IMG_2222Sitting in a lonely state of mind wondering who loves me and who is going to pick me up off the floor and give me a huge.

All these moments in life are created by our own thoughts deep within our mind that can be healed with the truth.

That we are the only one person that can heal our unhappy feelings.

Wishing upon a fallen star, our last hope for healing the thought within the soul that is trapped behind the locked door and the only one that has the key is me…

The last time we will meet is when you are out the door and gone for good!!!


As we learn the lessons from our past is that we are holding onto the keys to so many locked doors that we want to enter, but we can’t find the right key to open our door in front our eyes.

As we turn the corner into a different room and find that people don’t won’t to see me.

So do I do to ask for help to those that do not care for what my life is all about. The single truth is when we are surrounded by people who only think about finding their truth in life.